First ever college tour with my parents and it’s already off to a bad start.

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She’s a great gal, and, as we all know, a singular talent, like a completely unique, singular talent. She just was born like a purebred, in terms of you just say `go’ and she goes. It’s infuriating because I can’t keep up with it. So it’s beautiful to work with such an incredibly talented and wonderful person.” - Andrew Garfield

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That’s a lot of information to get in thirty seconds.

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oh god but baby harry watching peter pan on the tele and lifting his arms in the air and lily smiles and levitates him and he’s cackling with delight

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#the moment the world fell in love with steve rogers

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Excuse me, Marvel?

Yes hi.  Big fan.  Really.  But um, could you maybe, you know:

  • Black Widow put her in everything okay
  • More Falcon even if it’s like he shows up and eats pizza and tells everyone to believe in themselves 
  • Like a lot of Hawkeye movies at least four Hawkeye movies
  • Take care of Chris Evans he’s special to me
  • Bucky okay like let him cry on screen that’d be nice please


A fan

PS Please

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Make Me Choose
smallbob-seeds asked: Romione or Hinny


hey lil buddy if u haven’t heard this today i think ur cute and im glad ur alive and if u ever feel down know that u can get through this cause i believe in u friend

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when I was like 9 my neighbors asked me to watch their fish and cat while they went on vacation and I was like “lol k” and while they were gone tHE FUCKING FISH DIED so when they got home I apologized to the mom and she was just like “no need to apologize, I turned the filter off so they would die because they are too much work. You did nothing wrong” and she gave me 20 bucks and that is the story of my first contracted murder


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"You're my friend."

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Daniel Radcliffe's acceptance speech for the Man of the Year Glamour Award, 2013. (x)

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I was extremely kissable today and do you know how many kisses I received??? ZERO

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does anyone else ever get really stressed over assignments and know that you should be doing them but you feel like you physically can’t stop procrastinating and that just stresses you out even more or is that just me

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